DIY Motorcyle Garage

Welcome to WrenchSF, a co-operative motorcycle and scooter garage where members can work on their two-wheeled machines. The shop has basic tools and equipment, power, security, and storage.



wheel balancer

Workbays and parking spaces are available to members and their guests on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. Change a tire or swap out your engine. Leave it ready to ride or leave it in pieces; it will be there for you. Put it on a trickle-charger overnight. Basic tools are provided; bring the tools you need for your bike and store them and your parts and gear securely. Cleaning products and fluids are available and restocked regularly. We're also working on member-run clinics and workshops, as well as an annual charity ride.

WrenchSF was founded in 2012 by Eric Grant, who has owned and worked on motorcycles in Austin, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Oakland, and San Francisco. In each of those places, other riders offered their garages, driveways, warehouses, and shops so that he and other urban bikers could share tools and knowledge, wrench on bikes, and store them until ready to ride again. When he moved to SOMA and found an apartment with a big garage, he decided to make the space available to people that need it. Eric shares control of WrenchSF with the members and hopes to someday turn it into a fully member-owned co-operative.