DIY Motorcyle Garage

Welcome to WrenchSF, a co-operative motorcycle and scooter garage where members can work on their two-wheeled machines. The shop has basic tools and equipment, power, security, and storage.



WrenchSF is a members-only cooperative. All members are screened to make sure that we maintain a community of fun, responsible, and dedicated riders that will respect the space and each other.

Basic (Drop-In) Membership

Basic Membership is $20 per month or $200 per year, but membership fees are really based on a sliding scale depending upon what you can afford and how much time you're willing to put into helping keep the space clean, organized, and stocked. We always need people that can put together a clinic or restock the fluids, and we also accept trades for shop equipment and tools.

Basic membership allows 24-hour access to the shop whenever either of the two workbays are available, and the ability to book the workbays for an additional hourly or daily or weekly fee for dedicated space.

Deluxe (Parking) Membership

There are two dedicated parking spaces at WrenchSF, with storage for gear and tools and enough clearance for basic wheel-on repairs. Deluxe Membership reserves one of these spaces, dedicated for your exclusive use, and includes 6 hours of workbay time per month, with deeply discounted fees for additional workbay time.

Deluxe Membership is $200 per month or $1000 per six months, in addition to some minimal time commitment to help maintain the space.

Other Benefits

All members can take a chance and use the workbays if they are available, but if another member books the space, you'll have to move.

Membership includes shower and laundry priveleges - within reason!

One guest and one bike are welcome if accompanied by a member (workbay fees apply). Sorry, one member is allowed to bring one bike into the shop at a time.